Does This Sound Like You?

You live life to the full and love sport. You are busy but makes it a priority to fit exercise in to your daily schedule as you have athletic goals and aspirations for yourself.

You may be someone who balances your busy professional or family life with sport. Your exercise time is your “time out” during which your can enjoy your own head space. So, in addition to your sport keeping you fit physically, it also brings you huge mental and emotional benefits which you can carry in to other areas of your life.

The Consequences of Injury

If you sustain an injury you may feel as though:

  • you are missing out on valuable training time and losing fitness.
  • frustrated and irritable about the fact that things are not going to plan.
  • you can’t train as you don’t want to make things worse but this affects her mental state because training gives you the head space to calm and clear your mind.
  • you are missing out on the endorphins produced from training which lowers your mood and may cause you to have a short fuse around your family and work colleagues.

If you are a competitive athlete you’ll be aware that any illness or injury severely impacts upon your training plans and consequently your options for entering competitions. If you are sick ahead of a race this may cost you training time and money spent on competition entry fees, flights and hotels.

The Transformation You Are Wishing For

  • You naturally want to build up strength and immunity so that you in order to prevent injury and illness in the first place.
  • Should you become injured, speed is the key – a speedy recovery from any injury that you sustain so that you can resume training with confidence as soon as possible.
  • Ultimately, you want to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in achieving your goals.
  • You want to feel proud of yourself.

How Can I Help You Transform From Ill or Injured to Invincible?

  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help build strength and enhanced immunity into your training schedule.
  • Should your become injured, the physical aspect of the injury can be addressed by speeding up recovery time as Acupuncture and TCM brings more circulation of blood, fluid and energy to the area in which it is needed.
  • The emotional aspects of frustration and disappointment can also be soothed by the healthy release of these emotions, coupled with the more positive outlook you will begin to adopt as you begin to physically recover from your injury or illness.
  • Regular Acupuncture and TCM treatment will allow you to feel confident that you won’t become sick and that you can plan out your year regarding upcoming travel and events without worrying so much that health problems could easily disrupt your goals.

Your Successful Outcome Looks Like This…

  • Strong, fit and healthy.
  • Boundless energy in reserve.
  • Calm, confident and relaxed about your training.
  • Enhanced immunity and resistance to infections and illness.
  • Knowing that you are a reliable member of a team if you play a team sport.
  • Satisfied, accomplished and proud in achieving your goals.

So Let’s Get Things Started

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