Busy Woman

The Struggle of the Juggle

  • You may have many things to juggle and organise in your life which often leads to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that you won’t be able to get everything done.
  • If you are caring for elderly parents in addition to your own children and husband, you may feel you have very little time for yourself.
  • Whatever your situation, you probably feel as though you have too many responsibilities, no “breathing space” and consequently experience frustration, resentment and then guilt for having these feelings because you know yourself to be a caring and loving person.
  • Time is precious to you. If you work hard, either in a job or at home, you may have very little time for exercise and meal planning, both of which you would like to improve upon. You might have lots of friends but, because of a lack of time, very little opportunity to meet up with them.

The Result of the Struggle

  • The fact that you feel you are always running and racing from one thing to the next inevitably leaves you feeling exhausted.
  • If this has been going on for a long period of time you might also be starting to notice other aspects of your health beginning to suffer, for example, sleep problems, irregular or problematic periods, skin rashes, digestive disturbances, mood swings or feeling “low” and generally “out of sorts”.

The Transformation You Are Wishing For

  • Time for yourself, even if only for one hour per day.
  • For your energy levels to increase to that you don’t feel so exhausted all the time and feel motivated rather than lacking enthusiasm for everything you want to enjoy in life.
  • For your family to be more understanding of the stress you are under and relate to the anxiety and pressure you feel.
  • For you to feel in control and on top of your niggling health issues.
  • The bottom line is that you are aiming to create a life with some breathing space for yourself so that you can get fit, eat more healthily and enjoy your family without feeling that there is always something else to do or somewhere else to be.

How Can I Help You Transform From Exhausted To Exhilarated?

What you are experiencing is a common situation which I’ve witnessed frequently in my clinic since 2000. Using Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and my wealth of experience I can help you to:

  • Emotionally manage your stress and frustration of work and family life.
  • Cope with overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Deal with difficult people at work and at home by learning to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your own health.
  • Physically feel in control of the health issues that may be plaguing you at the present time and regain your zest for life.

Your Successful Outcome Looks Like This…


  • Carefree

  • Relaxed

  • Stress free

  • Revitalised and vibrant

  • Calm

  • Slim, fit and healthy

  • Surplus energy in reserve

  • Generous of spirit towards family and friends

  • A feeling of ample time and breathing space for yourself

So Let’s Get Things Started.

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