The Simple Solution

Work with me One to One for just one hour


Does Your Health Need TLC?

Do you feel as though life has spun out of control to the extent that your health has taken a bit of a back seat?

Are you stressing that if you don’t do something to get things back on track this might be the start of a slippery slope towards health problems in the future?

Are you worried that the stress about your health is causing more stress and thereby more potential health issues?…. you are in a vicious circle!

Do worries and anxieties about your health cause you to toss and turn at night, wake you up and leave you feeling exhausted when you have to get up the next morning (making you feel even less healthy!)?

What If You Could:


  • Get a super quick kick-start and specific guidance in the right direction to put you back on track health-wise

  • Learn some quick tips to calm your mind and quell your anxiety around your current or potential health issues?

  • Learn simple methods and make strides towards effectively managing your health now and in the future?

How Will a “Back On Track” Session Help You?

This laser focused session, tailored to your individual needs, will help you to:


  • Get crystal clear on exactly what you need to do to bring your health back into balance so that your worry, anxiety and stress around your health is quashed.

  • Realise how best to implement positive actions which are easily integrated into your day to day life so that you can fulfil your health potential and feel like a spring chicken again!

  • Restore your body, relieve your pain and relax your mind so that you feel like the old you again – only better!

What would this mean to you?

What Exactly Does A Session Involve?

We begin with chatting about what you hope to achieve from the session. I’ll ask you about any specific health complaints you have and about your general medical history. This will allow me pinpoint exactly how to then give you the best advice and an easy to follow road map of action according to Chinese medicine principles.

Advice may take the form of:


  • Dietary advice according to Chinese medicine dietary therapy;

  • Specific Qigong exercises for you to practice (using webcam to demonstrate);

  • Lifestyle/exercise advice based upon the information you provide;

  • An email after your consultation summarising what we have discussed and my advice on how best you can move forward in order to improve your health;

  • Email support for a total of four emails over the course of four weeks should you have any follow up questions.

Who is “Back On Track” For?

  • Anyone with health concerns who wants to take action but isn’t quite sure where to start

  • Anyone who feels healthy and wants advice on how to stay that way



“Back On Track” is not for you if:


  • You are not willing to take action to get the results you desire

  • You are not curious as to how you can incorporate simple stress relieving, health balancing advice and methods into your day

  • you think you will need longer than one hour to explain your health issues to me (“The Full Monty” programme might suit you better)

How Do I Book A Session?

    Our session will take place using Zoom or Skype. All you have to do is:


    • Please contact me by clicking here  to ensure that an online consultation is the best option for you before making any payment

    • You will be sent a “New Client” form to complete with some basic information so that we can get off to a flying start when we are on the call.

    • I will call you at your scheduled time and we can start getting your health back on track by coming up with a plan of action which works for you.

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